Pump technology

Govers TSB has the necessary experience in maintaining, repairing and overhauling water, sand and dredging pumps.

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Bearing housing leak GIW sand / gravel pump

Govers TSB was commissioned to carry out a leakage investigation on site. The customer’s complaint was that there was water in the lubricating oil. The normal oil standing times could not be achieved due to this leakage.

The bearing housing was first pressured and visually inspected using reduced air pressure. No leaks were observed during this inspection. Since no leaks were found at the bearing housing, the remaining lubrication section was pressure tested. This concerned an expansion tank, various hoses and stainless steel piping that were connected to the bearing housing of the pump. A leak was found in this. A coupling connection caused water to enter the bearing housing.

After remedying the cause of leakage, no leakage was detected by the customer.

Urgent repair Bagema Lager group

For an urgent assignment, Govers TSB was asked to overhaul a Bagema bearing group on site. On board, the bearing group was disassembled and taken to the customer’s workshop. There the old bearings were disassembled from the pump shaft. After visual inspection and cleaning work, new bearings and seals have been mounted on the pump shaft. This bearing group is mounted back in the sand pump and approved by the customer after a test run.

Inspection Warman sand pump

Govers TSB was invited to inspect a Warman sand pump. Pump components were disassembled and visually inspected on site. A number of signs of wear showed that the gland flush was not working sufficiently. An investigation has been carried out to prevent further wear. An improvement plan was drawn up from this and applied after approval.

Pump repair

Pump repair

Replaced a broken packing gland on site at a pumping station on behalf of a customer. After disassembly and inspection (for the cause), the cleaning and assembly of new parts was started and was completed with adjustment during test run.

Pump overhaul

Pump overhaul

Govers TSB has temporarily relieved a customer of overhaul work on a fire extinguishing system.
Work was carried out such as: disassembly on site, inspection, blasting / spraying, assembly of new parts and assembly and commissioning on site.