In the hydraulic field, Govers TSB can assist you with maintenance, repair and / or overhaul of various hydraulic systems.


Replace hydraulic hoses

Replace hydraulic hoses

Govers TSB was deployed on board a container ship to replace various hydraulic hoses on site. The affected hydraulic hoses have been disassembled, measured, assembled and reassembled. As an extra service, grease tape is mounted on the blank parts. Grease tape serves as a protective layer against oxidation due to salt deposits and weather influences.

Are you in possession of hydraulic equipment and looking for a flexible service company that can unburden you with maintenance and / or repair?
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Test setup

Test set-up hydraulically driven oil skimmer

For a client, Govers TSB provided a test set-up for testing a hydraulically driven oil skimmer.

This test setup was successful in collaboration with a hydraulic equipment rental company.

Supply of hydraulic components

Supply hydraulic components

Govers TSB is happy to assist you with the delivery of hydraulic components and supplies. Please feel free to contact us.